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Warm372 说说唱唱 英诗 + 经典好歌 Poems + Everlasting Songs Vol.1 CD+DVD

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1 X Warm372 说说唱唱 Poems + Everlasting Songs Vol.1 CD+DVD

英语诗歌独特的文体,是英语学习者感受音韵、遣词造句、提升文字敏感度最佳的教材!在欣赏一篇篇精美短小诗文的同时,也让大家回味一首首百听不厌的经典好歌和脍炙人口的英语童谣:Row, Row, Row Your Boat、Red River Valley、Mary Has a Little Lamb、Top of the World和Hush Little Baby等等。

Total 22 songs
Early learning on poem and classic songs

曲目列表 :~
1. We'll Go No More A-Roving (poem)
2. Moonriver (song)
3. The Little Jumping Girls (poem)
4. Medley:
    She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain + Row, Row, Row Your Boat+ It’s a Small World
5. The House on the Hill (poem)
6. Take Me Home, Country Roads (song)
7. On The Bridge (poem)
8. Medley:
    Long Long Ago+ Red River Valley+ Sing Your Way Home
9. In Winter in the Woods Alone (poem)
10.Edelweiss (song)
11. Puppy And I (poem)
12. Medley:
       Simple Simon+ Mary Has a Little Lamb+ This Old Man
13. Alas! How Easily Things Go Wrong! (poem)
14. Yesterday (song)
15. Up and Down (poem)
16. Medley:
       Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini+ Planting Rice+ Top of the World
17. Fire and Ice (poem)
18. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (song)
19. The Dragon Fly (poem)
20. Medley:
       Butterfly+ Hush Little Baby+ Music Box Dancer
21. A Valediction (poem;excerption)
22. Stand by me (song)

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