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MARYSHARON Make-up Remover Hydrating Spray美丽誓颜水润滋养卸妆喷雾 ( 100ml )

RM 128.00

【美丽誓颜】 水润滋养卸妆喷雾 (100ml)

 Marysharon  Makeup Remover Hydrating Spray


美丽誓颜 授权经销商 

Marysharon Authorized Distribution ~ May Eu eStore

Gentle Beauty Make-Up Remover
Using mild-tearless eye drops formulation which is similar to the human tear’s PH. With multi-protection with botanical plants extracts which are able to remove eyes, lips and face make-up effectively, without the need to rub and is irritant-free. The special mild & gentle formulation tested by ophthalmologist will not damage the skin but protects our skin perfectly.

The six key advantages :

1. Fast remover 

2. Washing without agent

3.Strong cleansing agent

4. Oil-free, mild & gentle

5. Travel-friendly

6. Zero-irritation and extraordinary mild & gentle qualities


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