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MARYSHARON Gentle Lifting Lotion & Lifting Body Scrub 美丽誓颜身体舒柔修护乳&身体沐浴磨砂膏 ( 120ml x 2 & 200g x 1 )

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【美丽誓颜】身体舒柔修护乳 **赠送身体沐浴磨砂膏 ( 120ml x 2 , FOC 200g x 1 )

 MARYSHARON Gentle Lifting Lotion ** FOC Lifting Body Scrub


美丽誓颜 授权经销商 

Marysharon Authorized Distribution ~ May Eu eStore

Special concocted with Rheum Officinale extracts and other herb extracts to improve dull skin, tighten and trim tummy, arms and tights. 

navifun's MS Lifting and Scrub Testimonials album on Photobucket


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