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❁ Rearth Ringke Fusion Mirror case Galaxy S7 Edge

RM 70.00 RM 89.00


Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Ringke [FUSION MIRROR] Bright Reflection Radiant Luxury Mirror Case [Drop Protection / Shock Absorption Technology] for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Radiant and ultra thin Mirror PC design allows for a clear and polished reflection.
  • Innovative raised backside corners for defense against surface scratches to keep your reflection bright.
  • Specially formulated with Ringke Active-Touch buttons for natural feel and crystal clear Shock-Absorbent protection for all corners and sides.
  • Attached Dust Caps: Charging Port and Audio Jack for better dust protection. No more tiny dust particles to attach your phone!

Product Description


Polished Prep
Finally, a case to shine as bright as you!
Glossy PC Mirror backside design allows for a clear and polished reflection.
Perfect for both prep and protection, this posh case will ready you for any convenient on-the-go beauty assurance.
Ringke FUSION Mirror back is kept elevated above the surface with innovative backside corners allowing for defense
against nicks or scratches without compromising style.

Dust Shield
Attached Dust Cap shields and provides convenient solution to dust attacks for your charging ports and audio jacks.
No more tiny dust out to attach your phone!

Active Touch Technology
Fitted perfectly for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the one-piece PC protective case and is easy to place on and off with one smooth, simple motion.
New Active Touch Technology allows for a more natural responsive feel for pushing volume and power buttons.

Eco-Friendly Package
Ringke FUSION Mirror case is shipped directly to our customers with specialized Eco-friendly packaging
designed for the environment with no toxic materials and is completely biodegradable.

Please remove case protective films from both sides (inside and outside) before use.