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❁ Belkin AC Anywhere Power Inverter with USB Charging 200W

RM 199.00


Devices you can connect to the Belkin AC Anywhere: Laptop computers, portable television, DVD, CD & MP3 player, PC gaming tools, Karaoke player, electronic musical instrument, fax machine, mosquito-killer lamp, luminaries, video recorder, and cameras.


  • High-efficiency power conversion which prolongs the automotive batteries service life
  • Mains Socket and USB port charger allow recharging of digital media players, cell phones, and other electronic devices together
  • Power switch for ON/OFF operation
  • Automatic warning when the DC input voltage is under 11.0V, and automatic power-off when under 10.0V
  • Self-protection on current overload, over temperature, and low battery voltage, with LED indication
  • Cooling fan to protect itself from over heat
  • Blade fuse to protect overload
  • Converts – 12 volts DC Power to 220 volts AC
  • Fits – All Standard Cigarette Lighter Sockets
  • Power – Portable Electronic Devices
  • Convenient – Power Two Devices through AC socket and USB Simultaneously


Package Includes

  • AC Anywhere™ Power Inverter with USB charging - 200W
  • User manual



  • Input voltage: 11V – 15V DC
  • AC output voltage: 220V AC +/- 10%
  • AC output frequency: 50Hz +/-3H
  • USB port output: 500mA @ 5V DC
  • Continuous power output: 200W
  • Peak power output: 400W
  • Fuse: 20A


Warranty: Local Manufacture Warranty

Period: Limited Life Time