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❁ Aisan Top Team 微女神 Shampoo and Hair Revitalising Mask

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闪钻微女神纯鲜花防脱发无硅油洗发汁 500ml 发膜  500ml

AISAN TOP TEAM   Pure Flower Extract Shampoo 500ml & Revitalising Hair Mask 500ml

闪钻微女神 授权经销商 

TopTeam Authorized Distribution ~ May Eu eStore

 AISAN TOP TEAM Pure Flower Extract Shampoo (500ml)
Main ingredients : 
Rosarugosa , Coconut Oil
Benefits : 
Ability to produce new hair cells on DRY hair cells,
aiding the reparing of hair to its soft and silky,
youthful stage. 
How to use : 
Wet hair thoroughly, after massage the shampoo into
our scalp gently. Wash after approximately 3 minutes to
allow your hair to absorb nutrients from the rose extract.
发膜在洗完头发之后  稍微把发梢水挤干  挖一小下就可以了  
所以说发膜一大罐很耐用  然后涂抹在发尾和头发中段  揉搓  
手感糯糯的有没有  哈哈   大概6-10分钟就可以冲洗掉了
     另外温馨提醒大家  发膜护发素之类的东西是不可用在头顶的  
会产生油脂粒   尤其是护发素冲洗不净易得脂溢性皮炎 
      女神发膜   让头发犹如丝带般柔顺。头发柔顺飘逸 ,
但是能通过后天努力去修饰   好的发质是走向女神的第一步
 用法: 洗发之后均匀涂抹于发梢,6-15分钟后温水洗净,
 AISAN TOP TEAM Revitalising hair mask (500ml)
Main ingredients : 
Butyrospermum Park II , Rosarugosa , Avocado oil ,
Wheat Protein, Revitalising Essence
Benefits : 
Ability to restore and repair damaged hair from the 9th to
the 3rd tier, subsequently to its natural state with specially
picked proteins
How to use :
1) After washing your hair with AISAN TOP TEAM
Pure Flower Extract Shampoo, apply an adequate amount
of hair mask on your damage hair and gently massage
throughly over the scalp.
2)Allow your hair to absorb the nutrients of the hair mask.
3) Treatment is complete ! Repeat a few times for results !
( Recommended dosage : Once every 3 days )



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